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UBER’s Microservice Architecture

Microservice Architecture

UBER’s Microservice Architecture ? Microservice Architecture is a framework that consists of small, individually deployable services performing different operations. And a typical Microservice Architecture consists of the following components:1️⃣ Clients 2️⃣ Identity providers 3️⃣ API gateway 4️⃣ Messaging formats 5️⃣ Databases 6️⃣ Static content 7️⃣ Management 8️⃣ Service discoveryAmazon, Netflix, Twitter, Uber, and many other […]

8 UX Best Practices: to improve your design in 2022

UX Best Practices

Establishing your business’s online presence has become a fundamental need rather than a secondary step. In the wake of the 2019 pandemic, a large chunk of interaction, social and business, has escalated online. The user’s journey is as important as functionality to stand out in the crowded digital marketplace. Whether your business needs lean or […]

End User Experience Monitoring: Why You Need It

End User Experience Monitoring

These days, a new venture’s success begins and ends on customer experience. Due to a large number of similar digital products out there, end users will stop using a product immediately if the user experience is not seamless. Similarly, a mobile application delivering a substandard user experience (UX) will fall behind the competition. A good […]

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