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A product roadmap helps you say goodbye to scattered information across emails, meetings, and messages. 

And a typical roadmap includes:

1️⃣ Product vision

Provides the big picture of what you are working on and why.

2️⃣ Strategy

Explains how the product is going to benefit your business goals and how you are going to meet the vision.

3️⃣ Timeline

Includes dates and time periods for specific goals. 

4️⃣ Goals

Define desired results that can be measured by a specific metric. 

5️⃣ Requirements

Are driven by your customers and include what they are looking for. 

6️⃣ Status markers

Play an essential function to track the progress of work and keep everyone on the same page about timing.

7️⃣ Team roles & responsibilities

Make sure that each person knows what to do and what is expected of them.

8️⃣ Metrics

Ensure that everyone on the team is measuring things the same way.

And here’s a powerful product roadmap from Airtable.

It will help you bring together all of the elements in one accessible place.


Comment below and I’ll send it to you ASAP. Please send a connection request if we are not already connected to get the resource.

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Source: Airtable

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