Top 105+ DevOps Interview Questions and Answers for 2022 ?

Top 105+ DevOps Interview Questions and Answers for 2022

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Thinking about breaking into the DevOps space?

DevOps has become one of the biggest tech buzzwords. Tech giants – like Facebook, Amazon, or Google – have numerous open positions for DevOps engineers.

But it is a competitive field to break into. So if you’ve been prepping for DevOps roles, here are some of the most common interview questions (and potential answers) to expect, including:

What do you know about DevOps?

Begin by explaining the growing importance of DevOps in the IT industry and include how DevOps is a value-added practice.

How is DevOps different from agile methodology?

DevOps is a culture that allows the development and the operations team to work together. Agile is a methodology that focuses on iterative, incremental, small, and rapid releases of software, along with customer feedback.

Which are some of the most popular DevOps tools?

Selenium, Puppet, Chef, Git, Jenkins, Ansible, or Docker.

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