Custom Insights, Alerts and Automation to improve User Experience.

Real-time, 24x7, monitoring, analytics and automation platform, very customizable, and all-hands-on-deck support included.

UX Insights

One-stop shop for User Experience Insights (Behavior, Workflow, Session video recording, user replay, etc) and GDPR compliant.

Business Insights

Business Process Insights to best identify frictions, in real-time and 24×7.

Technology insights

Technology performance root-cause analysis from browser, javascript, application code, database sql, integration, etc.


Alert, Data update, RPA Bots, Transaction execution (…) to accelerate issue resolution.

For any user, any business process and any technology.

Unlimited services are provided 24X5.

Use our pre-configured plugins, configure your own, or let us do it for you (at no cost).

For small or big data, on the cloud or on-premise

All-in-one APM, BPM, RUM and Automation to help improve:

Customer Experience

Prospect Experience

User Experience

Technology Performance

Data Science

Code Performance

Customer Experience

Digital Experience

User Experience (of web apps)

Technology Performance

Data Science

Code Analysis

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Unlimited services are provided 24X5.

At no charge, to help you add any monitoring, reports or even solve your mission-critical application issues.