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Loss of business due to poor User Experience.

Poor Adoption
Poor Adoption
User interface design or technology issues may contribute to poor user experience. Germain UX identifies use cases and root-cause of issues down to the user click and scenario and technology (network request, code, sql, etc).
Ineffective Business Operations
Ineffective Business Operations
Lack of training, poor organization, attrition (…) may contribute to ineffective business operations. Germain UX identifies main gaps and their root-cause, in real-time and 24×7.
Low Conversion
Low Conversion
Overloaded call center, lack of expertise, hard to find information on a website (…) may all contribute to low prospect conversion rate. Germain UX helps identify actionable insights.
High Churn
High Churn
Ineffective product or service, lack of support, hard-to-find online material…may all contribute to a poor customer experience and attrition. Germain UX identifies actionable insights around that, 24×7 and in real-time.

Germain solution allows you to:



Automatically Identifies & Analyzes Any Frictions to a User Journey or Workflow | Allows Users to provide their Feedback (NPS) | Alerts about Critical Events | Automates Resolution | Real-time, 24×7.

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All-in-one Custom Insights & Automation Platform to Improve UX

All-in-one Custom Alerts

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