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Real User Monitoring and Session Replay.

Not seeing the results you want from your User Experience optimization efforts? Germain UX can help.  

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Powerful Features And Capabilities.

Watch Users and understand why frictions occur, in real-time!

Our cutting-edge technology records and allows you to replay everything a user sees and does, providing a comprehensive analysis of the user experience and user behavior. GermainUX’s Session Replay is pixel-perfect, millisecond-precise, and fully searchable at scale. However, instead of starting by watching thousands of videos, we recommend initiating your analysis of the user experience at scale to understand which UX frictions affect most of your employees or customers. More details below.

Learn more about our user session video recording and replay and how to quickly find, at once, insights across millions of sessions!

Real User Replay
Quickly Solve Real User Issue

Solve Real User Feedback In Real-Time (for NPS).

Empower your users to speak up and make a difference! With Germain’s user feedback popup, you can give your busy users an easy way to provide valuable insights and feedback in real-time, right when they experience a pain point. Don’t let valuable user feedback go unheard, and better, act on their pain in real-time.

Learn more about our real-time Feedback Popup (for NPS) and how easy it is to understand user feedback.

Dive into User Behaviors.

Plus, our Funnel, Heatmaps, and Flow graphs provide a comprehensive view of user behavior at scale, allowing you to effectively assess and address issues. Additionally, you can customize these graphs to help you investigate UX frictions related to technology, workflow, or confusion.

Learn more about Behavior analysis at scale, driven by clicks or critical business events.

Behavior Insights

Business Impact @ Scale.

Why waste time and resources replaying thousands of sessions when Germain’s Aggregate customizable dashboard can help you identify the most significant UX frictions impacting your business? With Germain, you can assess critical issues at scale and delve into each insight, all the way down to a session replay. Don’t let your team address thousands of issues without finding the true source of your UX problems. Choose Germain’s Aggregate dashboard and Session Replay for a comprehensive understanding of UX frictions and their impact on your business.

Learn how to quickly quantify user impact at scale.

Business Impact @ Scale

The Germain Advantage for Optimal UX.

Quantitative vs Qualitative

Quantitative vs Qualitative.

Germain provides a comprehensive approach to collecting quantitative and some critical qualitative insights. Our platform supports multiple technologies, performs smart analysis, and keeps the raw data. And Germain lets you collect critical User Feedback in real-time and in context of their recorded session, so much faster and cheaper than Surveys. Don’t let incomplete data hold you back from improving adoption, conversion, and retention. Germain provides the full story and helps you understand the “why” and “how” behind user behavior.
Exceptional and Unique Support

Exceptional Support.

Our support isn’t only unlimited, it is exceptional and focused on your business needs whether they are improving Adoption, Conversion or Retention or something else. And to get there, we also help your team do the magic with our platform, at no extra cost.

Don’t believe us? Just try our platform & us, for 60 days!

At fraction of the cost

At fraction of your cost.

There isn’t a better opportunity to reduce operating costs by consolidating and getting one of the best real-time monitoring, analytics and automation platform at a fraction of the cost. It is a fraction of the cost that only another non-financed organization could match and we don’t know any except ours. Do your org a favor..stop throwing unnecessary significant money at technologies to solve every problem.
Real User Monitoring and Replay

Proven Best Real User Replay and more - Get Our Technical Analysis of 14 User Replay Tools.

Does your Replay Tool capture the entire User Experience from end-to-end? Are your efforts improving adoption, conversion, and retention? Get our free Technical Analysis and see how your current tool measures up.

Take a fresh approach to UX Improvement

Struggling to improve user experience despite working hard and watching countless videos? It may be time to verify that your User Replay Tool is recording everything a user “sees” and “does.” If your tool is not comprehensive, you may be spending months or even years fixing a range of UX issues without addressing the root causes that impact your business the most. 

Germain’s platform goes above and beyond by capturing every millisecond of a user’s experience and gives you a complete understanding of your UX, at scale. 

Don’t waste time and resources on partial analysis. Choose Germain’s comprehensive replay tool to increase adoption, conversion, and retention.

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