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Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing efforts not up to the mark? Germain UX can help.
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Digital Marketing

Powerful Features & Capabilities to Improve Acquisition.

Campaign Performance
Social Media Performance

Social Media Performance.

Our powerful social media performance analysis tool can track exactly where your visitors are coming from. Track the quantity and measure the quality of those visitors by looking at metrics like conversions, bounce rate, segmentation, and more. With deeper insight, you can fully optimize your social media strategy and boost performance.

Landing Pages Performance
Real User Feedback
Real User Video Recording & Replay at Scale
Live Chat Insights

The Germain Advantage.

100% searchable

100% searchable.

With Germain, all your Metadata and Business Data are fully searchable. This is a must to help identify business impact at scale, dive into a critical problem, and fully understand your day-to-day operations.

Learn more about Germain’s search and filtering capabilities.

Exceptional and Unique Support

Exceptional support.

Want unlimited support? With Germain, that’s just the beginning. We’re dedicated to meet the specific needs of your business, whether it’s improving adoption, conversion, retention, or something else. Additional support helps your team get the most out of our platform – all at no extra cost.

Don’t believe us? just try it!

At fraction of the cost

At fraction of the cost.

It’s time to reduce operating costs and improve efficiency with Germain’s top-rated real-time monitoring, analytics, and automation platform. Our non-financed organization can offer you a comprehensive customer journey solution at a fraction of the cost. Don’t waste money on overpriced technologies – choose Germain and get the same benefits at a much more affordable price.

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