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UI Design & User Experience

Adoption optimization efforts not cutting it? Germain UX can help.
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UI design & user experience

Powerful Features & Capabilities to Improve User Experience

Real User Recording & Replay

Now you can see exactly what users are doing on your app, as if you were looking over their shoulder, with millisecond precision. Germain automates the recording and watching of user interactions, making it easy to identify areas for improvement. 

UI design & user experience
UI design & user experience

Real User Feedback

Our Feedback popup enables user feedback in real-time, giving you an accurate and immediate understanding of their experience. View recorded videos and see firsthand in which context that feedback applies. Plus, alerts and automation allow you to quickly address negative feedback, ensuring a positive experience for all users.

Workflow Insights

Automate mining of your workflows and uncover hidden inefficiencies. Get a bird’s eye view of your user experience from a workflow standpoint and identify areas where valuable time is being wasted. These insights are available at scale or at the user video level – giving you the flexibility to dive deep into individual user journeys.
UI design & user experience
UI design & user experience

Flexible Flow Graph And Funnel

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your users’ actions and journeys with Funnel & Flow Graphs. Analyze user behavior and identify any bottlenecks or drop-off points that may be preventing users from completing a desired action. Germain enables you to make informed decisions to improve the user experience at scale. Take control of the user journey with confidence.
user replay

The Germain Advantage for Optimal UX

Millisecond-precision Session Recording & Replay, 100% Searchable

Discover the power of millisecond precision with Germain UX. Our cutting-edge technology captures every detail of the user experience with unparalleled accuracy, giving you a deeper understanding of your audience and how they interact with your website or application. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to genuine insights that drive results. 

And Metadata and Business Data are fully searchable. This is a must to help identify business impact at scale, dive into a critical problem, etc.


Very customizable

How many times have you hit a roadblock with one tool and had to search for another tool? At Germain, we believe that all real-time monitoring, analytics, and automation should be delivered by a single, highly customizable platform. From what data it collects and from where – to how it analyzes the data and what automation it applies – to how it visualizes, alerts, and reports on the data – Germain does all this and more under one amazingly versatile platform.
UI design & user experience

Quantitative vs Qualitative

Tired of vendors who only partially collect UX data and act like they have it all? Germain provides a comprehensive approach to collecting quantitative and qualitative insights. Our platform supports multiple technologies, performs smart analysis, and has plenty of storage to capture all the UX data you need. Germain provides the full story and helps you understand the “why” and “how” behind user behavior.

Exceptional and Unique Support

Want unlimited support? With Germain, that’s just the beginning. We’re dedicated to meet the specific needs of your business, whether it’s improving adoption, conversion, retention, or something else. Additional support helps your team get the most out of our platform – all at no extra cost.

At fraction of your current cost

It’s time to reduce operating costs and improve efficiency with Germain’s top-rated real-time monitoring, analytics, and automation platform. Our non-financed organization can offer you a comprehensive customer journey solution at a fraction of the cost. Don’t waste money on overpriced technologies – choose Germain and get the same benefits at a much more affordable price.

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