Germain UX

The 3 Pillars of Proactive Application Monitoring

You’re committed to providing customers with excellent value, but the fact is that every application has issues that arise when it’s launched, when it’s updated, or when the environment it’s running in changes. Automated monitoring software helps you find problems as they emerge, often before clients are even aware of them, and begin working on […]

6 key Application Performance Management Software functions to perform deep Root Cause Analysis

Tools to monitor application performance have been around a long time.  Capturing insufficient performance data is not the main issue preventing better application monitoring and troubleshooting.  The issue has always been what to do with the captured data to increase performance, and how to do it cost effectively.  Technology advanced to answer those questions, and today, […]

Siebel Troubleshooting: Diagnosing User Disconnects using Germain UX for Siebel

If you’ve ever manned a Siebel HelpDesk, you’ve received the frantic calls from users whose data or workflow has been lost when the system disconnected them.  Of course, you do what you can to help recover their work or confirm that a process was executed or, if not, where it terminated – users come first […]

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