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Benefits for Android


Boost User Experience and Performance of Android Apps & Phone

Monitor, Find Insights, Alert & Automate Resolutions, 24×7.

Monitor and improve Android App and Phone, 24×7, in real-time or effectively as a team.

No need to talk to the users to know what they did on your web app (via User Session Monitoring & Replay).

Understand UX at scale (via User Behavior insights).

Reduce Troubleshooting Time (via Click/Transaction Root-Cause Analysis).

Optimize Business Processes 

Improve Android App Release Quality (transaction, regression, crash analysis).

Technology insights (Code analysis, browser debugging, network traffic, phone issues,  etc)

Example of metrics you can get, in real-time and 24×7:

  • How do users use my app and their phone?
  • What caused an error or freeze?
  • How to reproduce a User Issue?
  • Network Traffic?
  • Heat issue?

Download Android app (for android app and phone monitoring, insights and automation).

Download JS scripts (for UX and application performance monitoring).

or get all this from our cloud


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