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Monitoring For Marko JS.

Improve UX for MarkoJS Application, 24×7.

Transform your MarkoJS experience with Germain! Our platform leverages automation and real-time analytics to provide continuous insights and resolution. Improve your business processes, user behavior, and Siebel CRM application and integration performance. 
Increase adoption, compliance, conversion, and retention – all in near real-time.
Monitoring For Marko JS

Supercharge your Marko JS User Experience with Germain.

Watch users using Marko JS and find why frictions occur, in real-time.

Experience Germain’s MarkoJS User Monitoring and Replay’s unparalleled power to capture every MarkoJS User action — it’s as if you were watching over your user’s shoulder. Advanced User Monitoring and Replay allows you to watch any recorded session at any time, giving you the insights, you need to optimize user experience and drive business success. Flexible data retention options enable you to customize your recording duration to meet your specific needs. 

Learn more about Germain UX’s video recording and session replay.

Real User Monitoring
Behavior Insights

Behavior Insights.

Is your MarkoJS application causing confusion and frustration for your users? Germain has you covered. Our advanced platform captures real-time frictions and other issues, flagging them on user session replays for easy identification and resolution. Plus, our Funnel and Flow graph helps you identify drop offs and inefficiencies at scale. Gain the insights you need to improve the user experience and drive success. 

Learn more about behavior analysis at scale.

Solve Real User Feedback in Real-time.

Empower your MarkoJS users to speak up and make a difference! With Germain’s user feedback popup, you can give your busy users an easy way to provide valuable insights and feedback in real-time, right when they experience a pain point. Enable this dynamic feature to gather valuable insights and continuously improve your Siebel CRM application and processes. Don’t let valuable user feedback go unheard, and better, act on their pain in real-time — try Germain’s user feedback popup today.

Learn more about our real-time Feedback Popup (for NPS) and how easy it is to understand user feedback.

Solve Real User Feedback
Workflow Insights

Workflows Insights.

With Germain, you can identify when MarkoJS users don’t follow your expected process, like forgetting to attach a document or leave out important details on a Sales Opportunity or Case. Track wasted time in your operations by defining Business Operations that align with how you expect MarkoJS users to do their jobs, both in MarkoJS and other applications. Let Germain streamline your business operations for a better user experience.

Learn more about our real-time business process mining and inefficiency finding.

Technology Insights
Smart Insights

Smart Insights.

Germain’s advanced analytic system digests data in real-time and identifies trends that deviate from what is considered acceptable. With Germain’s Smart Insights, you have the insights you need to make data-driven decisions to keep your business running smoothly. 

Learn more about how to find outliers.

Easy-to-manage RPA solutions
Automated Resolution

Automated Resolution.

When it’s reasonable, possible, and safe to do so, Germain can handle resolution automatically. Plus, our automation capabilities can be used for proactive issue detection as well. To get started, simply identify the most critical aspects of your business and work from there. With Germain, you’ll have the tools you need to improve the UX of your organization as a whole. 

Learn how to create automation for self-resolution and analytics for outlier detection.

Effective Alerts.

Aren’t you tired of alerts or other SMS that are either hard to understand or with little insights? Germain consist of an alerting mechanism that is preconfigured and based on smart analysis. It also makes it easier to address a reported issue with Call-to-Action embedded in the alert. And the alerting feature is very customizable so you can make it fit to your organization.

Learn how to create alerts and automated reports.

Effective Alerts

The Germain Advantage for MarkoJS.

Business Impact @ Scale

Business Impact @ Scale.

Why waste time fixing issues that don’t matter? With Germain, identify the problems that cost your organization the most, at scale. Aggregate and operational dashboards give you the insights you need to pinpoint the root causes and take action. Don’t let insignificant problems consume time and resources — use Germain to identify and solve the issues that truly impact your business.

Learn how to quickly quantify user impact at scale on an aggregate or drillthrough dashboard.

100% searchable

100% searchable.

Metadata and Business Data are fully searchable. This is a must to help identify business impact at scale, dive into a critical problem, etc.

Learn more about recursive search and filters.

Exceptional and Unique Support

Exceptional Support.

Want unlimited support? With Germain, that’s just the beginning. We’re dedicated to meet the specific needs of your business, whether it’s improving adoption, conversion, retention, or something else. Additional support helps your team get the most out of our platform – all at no extra cost.

Don’t believe us? Just try our platform for 60 days and see how we support you!

At fraction of the cost

At fraction of the cost.

There isn’t a better opportunity to reduce operating costs by consolidating and getting one of the best real-time monitoring, analytics and automation platform at a fraction of the cost.  Do your org a favor, stop throwing unnecessary significant money at technologies thinking that will solve your problem.
Real User, Process and Technology Monitoring

Real User, Process and Technology Monitoring for your Marko JS implementation.

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