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Is your Conversion or Adoption on Shopify not quite cutting it? Germain UX is here to help.

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar to you?

Shopify Performance

Powerful Features & Capabilities to Improve Shopify User Experience.

Understand drop-offs in a Customer Journey.

Germain UX allows you to monitor interactions across all channels, providing in-depth insights into the customer experience on your Shopify store and beyond. Identify critical drop-offs, such as abandoned shopping carts, and deep dive into every touchpoint to optimize the customer journey. With scalable analysis, make data-driven decisions and improve the overall customer experience.
Customer Journey
Real User Video Recording & Replay At Scale

What Users and understand why frictions occur, in real-time.

Gain a comprehensive understanding of user behavior by seeing exactly what users are doing on your app or Shopify site. Germain UX automates the recording and replaying of user interactions, making it easy to identify areas for improvement. Instead of watching countless videos, Germain UX helps you identify business impact at scale.

Solve Real User Feedback In Real-Time (For NPS).

Break free from slow, expensive surveys. Germain UX’s feedback tool enables real-time user feedback, giving you an accurate and immediate understanding of their experience. View recorded videos and see firsthand where improvements are needed. Plus, alerts and automation allow you to quickly address negative feedback, ensuring a positive experience for all users on your Shopify store.

Real User Feedback
Live Chat Insights

Identify poor conversations.

Want to know exactly what your Shopify visitors and employees are saying during live chat? Germain UX’s powerful chat analysis records and provides real-time insights into these conversations, giving you a comprehensive understanding of customer needs and employee performance. Search chat data like never before and quickly find the information you need.

Detect issues before business impact.

Detect and resolve problems before they impact your Shopify performance. Germain UX’s powerful platform offers a range of features, including RPA Bot, Remote Transaction Execution, and Web Services, allowing you to proactively identify issues and take corrective actions.

Learn how to quickly record a synthetic scenario and how to manage them at scale.

Early Problem Detection
Auto Resolve Inefficient Workflows

Auto Resolve Issues.

Improve your Shopify store with Germain UX’s powerful auto-resolution feature. When reasonable, safe, and possible, Germain UX can automatically resolve frictions and unlock stuck processes, helping you streamline your workflow and increase efficiency. All actions taken by Germain UX are subject to review and approval by your team, ensuring you maintain complete control over your operations at all times.

Learn how to create automation for self-resolution and more.

Find root-cause of errors.

Germain UX’s cutting-edge technology proactively detects issues before they impact your Shopify store and quickly pinpoints the source of the problem, from broken links to failing integrations and more. Our automated end-to-end root-cause analysis delves deep into the inner workings of your website, from the user’s desktop or mobile experience all the way down to the infrastructure and integrations.

Learn more about Outlier detection features.

Technology Insights

The Germain Advantage for Shopify

At fraction of the cost
At a Fraction of the Cost
Reduce operating costs and improve efficiency with Germain UX’s top-rated real-time monitoring, analytics, and automation platform. As a non-financed organization, we offer you a comprehensive customer journey solution at a fraction of the cost.
Exceptional and Unique Support

Exceptional Support.

At Germain UX, unlimited support is just the beginning. We’re dedicated to meeting the specific needs of your business, whether it’s improving adoption, conversion, retention, or something else. Additional support helps your team get the most out of our platform, all at no extra cost.

Don’t believe us? Just try our platform & us, for 60 days!

Real User, Process and Technology Monitoring for your Shopify Store.

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