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Watch Our Passion for Application Performance Management

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At Germain Software we are all about passion. We are passionate about our customers, and we are passionate about APM technology and providing the best end-to-end Application Performance management solution available in the industry today.

Oh, and we also don’t mind having fun while working hard! So please watch this video and experience our passion.

Every customer is important to us. We work closely with each one to ensure our APM solution fits seamlessly into their unique IT environment. We listen to what our customers tell us about their pain points, about what works best in their environment, about what they need more or less of. We are quickly accessible every time they call us with a question.

We have spent 6 years perfecting our flagship product – Germain UX. We are constantly evaluating the features and benefits to ensure that it more than meets customer’s expectations. We keep up with the latest trends and changes in the IT environment so that our products can effectively monitor all business critical applications. We know that our customers depend on these applications to drive revenue and ensure satisfaction of their own customers. We know how important these applications are and Germain UX makes sure IT is aware of any issues before they turn into disasters.

While we are passionate about monitoring applications and working hard to ensure our end-to-end APM solution is an industry Gold Standard, we also like to have a little fun. Watch our video and get to know Germain Software.

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