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Mobile devices have long replaced desktops, and user issues have simply moved over to these mobile devices, and a phone or system upgrade won’t just always be the solution to these user frustrations. germainAPM can significantly help reduce these user issues by proactively monitoring performance and user experience of these users on their mobile phones, tablets and apps that run on those.

Metrics (@ the mobile DEVICE level):

  • Application usage
  • Battery State
  • CPU usage
  • Disk usage internal & external (sd card, …)
  • IP address
  • Memory usage
  • Network Bandwidth
  • Network State (wifi, 3g, 4g, ….)
  • Process (including app name, pid, memory usage, state..)
  • Service usage (including service crash count, pid)
  • Device information (manufacturer, brand, osVersion, …)
  • Correlation
  • Integrated “device id” which can be used to correlate data for a given device.
    UUID for a device (this becomes critical for device-server data correlation, when no sessionId for instance)


Metrics (@ the Mobile NATIVE APP level):

  • User Clicks
  • Mouse Moves
  • User Errors


Metrics (@ the Mobile HTML APP level):

  • User Clicks
  • Mouse Moves
  • User Errors
  • User Session Replays


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