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Creating The Ultimate UX Isn’t Magic: It’s Real-Time Metrics and Automation

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Creating The Ultimate UX Isn’t Magic: It’s Real-Time Metrics and Automation (and, which we don’t cover here, but equally if not more important, an organization that effectively executes to leverage these metrics and complement these automation)

What’s the magic formula for attracting customers, keeping them attracted, convincing them to recommend your company to their peers, and converting it all into a steady stream of sales and revenue to boost your bottom line?

Turns out the answer isn’t magic: it’s real-time metrics and automation.

germainAPM is a monitoring and metrics master, equipping Fortune 500 companies and start-ups alike with a proprietary software solution – real-time monitoring and user experience tool – they need to maximize customer satisfaction and deliver the ultimate user experience (UX).

germainAPM’s UX monitoring, analytics, and automatic software tool enable companies to either avoid user issues via a series of automation features or drill down into their data to deliver smarter, faster, more seamless service to their customers, and if something goes wrong to immediately locate the root cause of the problem, why it happened, and how they can prevent it from happening again.

What separates germainAPM UX is the Web-based Real User Recording and Replay and End-to-End Root-Cause Analysis feature.

These real-time Replay sessions and Bottleneck identification features – rather than traditional User Interface screenshots – empower companies to (1) actively monitor every customer’s Web-site mouse click from end to end – in real time, as if they are sitting next to them – (2) reconstruct that customer journey to identify any potential problem points along the way, and (3) deliver a set of targeted solutions within minutes that companies can immediately implement to maximize customer satisfaction and deliver smoother UX navigation (4) identify the technology root-cause of any customer issues and offer insights and solutions, and (5) use our proprietary UX behavior flow graph to identify the most-frequent UX frictions most customers experience.

There’s no need to call the end-user (employee, partner, customer) to understand what a customer experienced while browsing your eCommerce, CRM or ERP business application. You can instead visualize the exact scenario of that real user and identify the root of any technology or process issue.

Clients are not only utilizing germainAPM’s platform of UX applications as a competitive weapon to increase customer satisfaction and build brand loyalty, they are also exploiting them as a critical tool to boost their bottom line.

germainAPM’s UX monitoring, analytics, and automation software tool deliver measurable value: enabling companies to identify and eliminate internal inefficiencies, reduce redundancies, and streamline operations, as well as increase customer response times, reduce customer churn, and increase their sales conversion rates.

germainAPM’s UX tools are more than an off-the-shelf, cookie-cutter software package you rent and plug in. Every germainAPM platform is backed with experienced engineers who will configure a specific software solution tailored to your company’s specific customer needs – for FREE.

And the beauty is that germainAPM is an all-in-one APM/BPM/RUM/Automation software platform, so beyond just UX metrics, you can consolidate all your monitoring, analytics and automation needs on one germainAPM platform.

Click here for a closer look at the proprietary, targeted UX software solutions germainAPM can deliver for your business to help drive your bottom line. There’s a reason we’ve had a 100-percent customer retention rate since 2014.

ps: Best-practices on building UI, for optimal UX, will be discussed in a separate post

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