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Result of an internal pilot of Apache SolR and ElasticSearch, with regards to Indexing and Searching. We performed that pilot 1.5 years ago..but several asked for this so sharing it on this blog. hope this helps..feel free to reach out to us if you need more details.

Pilot Result

  • Index Speed based on 100 million rows is 5.5x slower with ElasticSearch (22min with OOTB, 8min with simple optimization) than with Apache Solr (4min with OOTB).

  • Apache SolR does not require additional tool like ElasticSearch does (e.g. Logstash).

  • Both offer simple Query API.

  • ElasticSearch has a built-in scheduler for updates, not Apache SolR.

  • Both return the entire document as search result.

  • Full-Text Search Features (misspelling, synonyms, ..) are significantly more advanced with Apache Solr.

  • When it comes to application, ElasticSearch offers Analytical Querying, Filtering, and Grouping, ApacheSolr offers Text Search.

  • ElasticSearch offers nested document support.

  • Apache Solr is easier to maintain.

  • When it comes to full Search Text, Apache Sols is slightly better.

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