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Businesses utilize thousands of software applications in order to run their organization. Many of these applications interact and influence each other in a given IT infrastructure, and as a result there are a number of complex and dynamic problems that can occur in these software environments. Therefore, it is absolutely imperative that businesses manage and review their software applications in order to avoid potential issues and optimize processes.

Application performance management (APM) services allow businesses to monitor and manage the performance and availability of their software applications. Any downtime for a business that relies on the internet could result in millions of dollars in lost revenue and productivity, making APM services more important than ever before. Most businesses need to invest in an application performance management system that will meet their unique needs, and that is quite a big decision to make.

There are many options available to businesses, but two of the strongest offerings come from AppDynamics and GermainAPM. Let’s break down the differences between these two application performance management systems.

Best UX Insights 

Figuring out why a user or customer made a purchase decision or filled out an email form is an extremely difficult — yet vitally important — task. Understanding user behavior can help reduce churn rate, improve business operations, improve conversion rates, and improve user experience. Many APM services offer some sort of user analytics, but the amount and quality of the analytics varies between vendors.

GermainAPM gives businesses in depth insight into user behaviors. This application performance management service enables your business to monitor, analyze, and correlate every customer interaction — 24 hours-a-day. Whether those interactions are by phone, email, or app, your team can get a complete picture of how customers interact with your business. Additionally, your team can get a better understanding of your customers and users by actually replaying their session. Instead of relying on a complex data analysis of thousands of users, your business can watch exactly what users are doing.

AppDynamics does have some real user monitoring abilities, but they are not as robust as the functions offered by GermainAPM. If your business wants to understand your customers and users, AppDynamics may not have the capabilities that you are looking for.  

Very Smart Automation

Proactive action is a must in any successful and well-respected organization. Being proactive is not always easy — and often involves a complex workflow — but it is worth the effort to operate more effectively as well as faster than your competitors.

germainAPM provides rich automation features. One of the most prominent features are the alerting messages that provide in-depth descriptions of issues and include call-to-action links embedded right within the message. This feature is incredibly easy to use, making it simple for teams to quickly address issues.

Another germainAPM feature that provides significant benefit is the Synthetic User Click mechanism. Although this feature isn’t new, it’s easily implemented and widely used. Last but not least, the smart automation can be triggered from within germainAPM dashboard, making it easy (and sometimes fun!) for an administrator to alleviate an issue.

The Cheapest

Now more than ever, budgets across the world are decreasing. However, an APM service is something that cannot be cut from your budget. Your business needs a cost-effective APM solution that will not drastically drive up costs. Not to mention, many APM services charge for services that should be free.

Simply put, AppDynamics is a more expensive option than GermainAPM. AppDynamics does not have any pricing publicly visible on their website. Meanwhile, GermainAPM is much more transparent about pricing. GermainAPM is a standalone company that is focused on providing businesses with a cost-effective solution to their problems. Additionally, businesses that choose GermainAPM have unlimited, exceptional support for no extra charge.

Super Customizable

A one-size-fits-all solution will likely not work for your business. Nearly every business’ needs are unique and require a custom solution to adequately meet those needs. Nevertheless, most APM services try to sell a one-size-fits-all approach to companies that need highly customized solutions.

Conversely, GermainAPM is completely customizable. The Germain UX team can help your business create a solution that can be utilized to its fullest potential. AppDynamics is not nearly as customizable as compared to GermainAPM, largely because some of their features cannot be changed or are much more costly and difficult to change.

Ease Of Use 

Many APM services have complex user interfaces that require hours upon hours of training to use effectively. The difficulty of use could result in businesses not taking advantage of all of the features that they are paying for (if they don’t know that certain services exist or are not trained on how to properly use every feature).

GermainAPM was developed with ease of use in mind. Employees with no technical background can easily use the software with little training and subsequently take advantage of all the features that GermainAPM has to offer. Alerts can be sent to users via email, phone call, or text message. Better yet, GermainAPM has collaboration features that make the platform even easier to use. Team members can work together to ensure that the performance and management of applications remain optimized.

AppDynamics has a much more complex user interface than GermainAPM. Employees without an IT background often struggle to operate AppDynamics. This can make training new employees more difficult and if a key staff member leaves, your business may be left with no employees who know how to effectively operate AppDynamics.

At the end of the day, your business needs an APM service that works for your business. GermainAPM offers businesses a more effective APM solution that will meet their unique needs than competitors like AppDynamics.

Unbeatable Support

Most APM vendors will leave your organization alone and won’t significantly help leverage their platforms’ capabilities or help improve your organization’s business by providing tailored support. We don’t know a single APM vendor that provides a service that’s even close to what the germainAPM team provides — and at no extra cost to you. Any help you need, whether it is help customizing germainAPM, help analyzing data, help improving your business, or help building new features to make germainAPM a better fit to your organization, the germainAPM team will provide unbeatable support. All of our clients that can attest to that commitment, and it’s something that we pride ourselves on.

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