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Techniques to Easily Turn User Testing Into Actionable Insights

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Leverage feedback in order to deliver impact for your digital product.

In order to understand how real people use your product, you have to conduct user research and testing.

At the end of the day, this process is about unpacking prior assumptions you’ve made in order to build your product and replacing them with data-driven insights.

However, it isn’t the easiest process to undergo. As such, I’ve put together this list of three techniques to help you stay focused and make the most of the feedback you receive:

1️⃣ Figure out what really matters:

Identify the business risks, design assumptions, and impacts

2️⃣ Answer these questions:

👉 Who is likely to be the user?
👉 What tasks are you asking the participants to complete and how will they help you?
👉 What is needed as a stimulus to get the right answers to your questions?

3️⃣ Share the feedback as recommendations with the team that can action it

What are your thoughts?
How do you make the most of user testing?
Share your thoughts in the comments! 👇

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