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UX Will Affect Google Rankings Starting This Year

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Your visibility will be determined by User Experience—are you prepared?

New Google Ranking Algorithm

Soon, Google will go live with a new ranking algorithm that will take UX into consideration. This means if users are having a subpar experience, your site won’t be ranked well.

Fortunately, Google has communicated what will be used for its criteria. The algorithm will consider the following:
👉 Is it mobile-friendly?
👉 Does it load quickly?
👉 Does it run on HTTPS?

More Technical Items

There are also some more technical items that will be evaluated. Things like:
✅ Largest Contentful Paint: Measures loading performance. Should occur in 2.5 seconds when the page first loads.
✅ First Input Delay: Measures inactivity—to provide a good UX, all pages need to have FID of under 100 ms.
✅ Cumulative Layout Shift: Measures visual stability. Providing a good UX means that pages can keep CLS of under 0.1.

Not sure how to prepare?

Working with experts. Leverage tools like germainAPM in order to assess your performance in real-time, and prepare for the changes to come.

What do you think of the update?
I’m curious to know! 👇💬

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