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Refine Your CX With These 10 Expert AI Strategies

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Advancements in AI can empower businesses to provide a successful and seamless CX

In 2021, businesses have to contend with the reality that their CX is more important than ever before. Through the digital world, customers can access your competitors in an instant.

In order to succeed, your business has to be leveraging groundbreaking tools such as AI. As such, I’ve put together this compilation of 10 strategies experts from Forbes (PDF) were able to brainstorm after working with AI themselves.

From those ten strategies, here were the three that stood out to me the most:
1: Discover where customers spend the most time
2: Detect customer frustration before it’s too late
7: Improve your customer routing processes.

Which of the strategies do you think is the most useful?
Leave a comment with your pick! 👇💬

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Source: Forbes Technology Council

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