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✅ UX Audit Checklist for CIOs ✅

In order to optimize your UX, you have to take a systematic approach.

It’s not enough to improvise, or rely on the occasional ad hoc report in order to keep track of your UX. You have to leverage the expertise of specialists, and have an entire audit performed.

Fortunately, it isn’t difficult to carry out this process. If you’ve never done it before, or if you’re curious to know how you could be doing it better, here’s a checklist I put together for you to consult.

The checklist covers:
👉 Analytics best practices
👉 How to identify weak points in your customer journey
👉 Guidelines for redesigning your customer purchase path
…and more!

Whether you’re keeping track of your UX on your own, or leveraging a tool like germainAPM, you’re going to have to perform these audits. Passivity won’t lead you to the best UX.

Interested in getting a copy of the checklist?

Leave a comment and I’ll send it your way! 👇💬

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