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Dashboard Model With Corporate Data for CIOs

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📊Dashboard Model With Corporate Data for CIOs📊

Would you benefit from having a high-level, centralized view of your organization’s health and financial performance?

Most organizations still struggle with messy data and disjointed data sources. In turn, they fail to optimize their data strategy and miss out on important insights

As a helpful mitigant, here is a ready-to-use Key Performance Indicator Dashboard!

The tool tracks the following organizational metrics:
✅Earnings Before Interest and Taxes (EBIT)
✅Expenditures by department
✅Control issues
✅Sales growth versus profit
✅Other key indicators across HR, projects, operations & finance

Customize this tool to your organization through simple data entry following the clear formatting and logically laid out tabs

You’ll be able to track high-level organizational metrics on a real-time basis and in a centralized place. Sequentially, it’ll help you double-down on your successes or course-correct your impending failures

Want access to the full file?
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