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Revenue Sensitivity Analysis for Executives

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Revenue Sensitivity Analysis for Executives 📈

For a viable SaaS business, LTV should be at least 3 x CAC. 

Most successful public SaaS companies (e.g. Salesforce) have a 5 x CAC multiple.

Clearly, understanding your CAC and other variables versus your long-term revenue projections is key.

So, here is a ready-to-use template to help you create a sensitivity analysis for your company’s revenue streams. 

Simply enter the input data and the output data will be auto-populated.

The analysis helps you understand the impact of various changes to your business.

And it comes with the following bonus models:

✅ Forecast drivers
✅ Balance sheet
✅ Income statement 
✅ Statement of cash flows
✅ FCF statement
✅ APV valuation
✅ Reasonability check
✅ Retained earnings schedule
✅ Revenue schedule

Leverage this template to better understand how certain independent variables impact your dependent variables (revenues).

Want access to the template? Leave a comment below and I’ll share it with you ASAP! 👇💬

P.S. Please send a connection request if we are not connected already to get the resource!

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Source: Wall Street Oasis and Chris Haynes

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