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Product Growth KPIs Dashboard for Enterprises

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Product Growth KPIs Dashboard for Enterprises 📈

There can be as many as 64 important business metrics for your company to track (according to nTask).

That can sound daunting. But if your organization doesn’t have the capacity to track all of them, it should at least track the most important ones according to its business model, stage and focus areas. 

For example, key product metrics not only provide information to product managers, but also other relevant stakeholders across the organization. 

To get you started with those, here is a dashboard template set up to track the following product KPIs:

✅ Product revenue
✅ Revenue breakdown
✅ Time to market
✅ Win versus loss

This dashboard is a useful tool given its simple interface for tracking and visualizing information. A quick daily glance at it could be enough to determine whether there’s reason for celebration or course correction.

Want access to the full template? Comment below and I’ll send it to you ASAP. Please send a connection request if we are not already connected to get the resource.

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