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ROI Calculator and Business Case Toolkit 🧮

Calculating the true value of an IT project can be difficult, primarily due to the challenge of quantifying notions through dollar values.
For example, automating processes will undoubtedly increase efficiency, but what’s the dollar value of such output?
Nevertheless, estimating a project’s value is critical in helping gain stakeholder support, prioritize alternatives, uncover additional benefits, and more objectively assess an opportunity at hand.
To help you get started, here’s a tool that enables the rapid development of business cases for IT projects, by assessing and communicating key aspects of enterprise technology solutions:

✅ Solution costs

Vendor costs
Internal costs
Internal labor
3rd party services

✅ Benefits

Cost/TCO savings
Productivity savings

✅ Financial analysis

Net benefits
Net Present Value
Packback time
Customize this template to your own business and quickly produce business case reports that can be presented to decision-makers.
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