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UBER’s Microservice Architecture 💡
Microservice Architecture is a framework that consists of small, individually deployable services performing different operations.
And a typical Microservice Architecture consists of the following components:
1️⃣ Clients
2️⃣ Identity providers
3️⃣ API gateway
4️⃣ Messaging formats
5️⃣ Databases
6️⃣ Static content
7️⃣ Management
8️⃣ Service discovery
Amazon, Netflix, Twitter, Uber, and many other high-growth companies are now shifting from a monolithic architecture into multiple codebases to form a microservice architecture.
For instance, the major change to Uber’s architecture was the introduction of an API gateway through which all the drivers and passengers are now connected (i.e. passenger management, driver management, trip management, etc.).
And for a before versus after diagram of Uber’s architecture, check out the below images! 👇

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Credit: Vansh Varshney

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