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UX Writing: How to Do It Like Google With This Powerful Checklist ✅
“Writing is easy. All you have to do is cross out the wrong words.” – Mark Twain
Google follows the principle to focus on the user and let everything else follow. And focusing on the user starts with content.
In turn, UX writing is a specialty within the content strategy. It focuses on helping users achieve their goals with language.
And the Google I/O 2017 talk highlighted 3 important UX writing best practices:


Rule of thumb: if you’re writing a product announcement or app update, focus on the new action that people can perform. Use jargon-free messaging and avoid highly technical terms.


Rule of thumb: be efficient and make sure every word on the screen has a distinct job. Don’t use a header unless absolutely necessary and make sure your visuals are in line with what you’re trying to say.


Rule of thumb: make sure your text helps people get where they want to go. If the user has keyed in the wrong password, make sure you offer both a “try again” and “reset password” option.
And for more tips and tricks on the topic, check out the attachment! 👇
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