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6 Underutilized Ways to Use AI in Customer Service in 2023

Use AI in Customer Service

Introduction Artificial Intelligence (AI) is surely revolutionizing numerous industries. The AI market is projected to grow from $150 billion in 2023 to $1,345 billion in 2030, at a whopping 36.8% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR).And at least 35% of companies are already using AI in their business, and an additional 42% are exploring it. However, […]

The Top 4 Use Cases for Generative AI in Customer Experience

Generative AI

Up until recently, machines mainly focused on analyzing large, existing amounts of data and finding patterns for a multitude of use cases. This is called “traditional AI.” But lately, machines have also started creating new content. And this is now known as “generative AI.”And given the rise of ChatGPT and its peers, generative artificial intelligence […]

25 Essential Salesforce Monitoring Strategies for Optimal Performance and Security

Salesforce Monitoring

In this definitive guide, we present to you the “25 Essential Salesforce Monitoring Strategies for Optimal Performance and Security.” The health of your CRM environment is pivotal to your organizational success. From analyzing user activity to optimizing API usage, from monitoring data quality to fortifying compliance measures, we’re here to equip you with the tools […]

8-Step Guide to Customer Journey Mapping in 2023

Guide to Customer Journey Mapping

What is a Customer Journey? A customer journey is a complete experience a customer has with a business.  It includes all customer interactions across channels and touchpoints, throughout every stage of the customer lifecycle – from awareness to retention and loyalty. Image Source: SuperOffice But what is the difference between the customer journey and the […]

Setup Wix in 3 Easy Steps

Setup Wix

Today there are about 2 billion live websites, but only 20% of them are active. Source: Hosting Tribunal And on average, internet users in the US visit 130+ web pages daily. Visiting websites has become a critical part of a person’s average day. In today’s accelerating digital world, your website is the face of your […]

3 Key Reasons Why You Should Choose Genesys As Your Contact Center Software

Contact Center Software

What is Genesys All About? In Q2 2022, Forrester named Genesys as a leading journey orchestration platform, with the highest possible criteria in scalability, strategy performance, and nine other categories. Image Source: Forrester But what is Genesys all about? Founded in 1990, Genesys  is a customer experience (CX) and call center technology that delivers proactive, […]

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