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5 Myths About Observability for Salesforce Enterprises

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5 Myths About Observability for Salesforce Enterprises 🦄

Organizations use an average of 10 monitoring solutions yet only have full observability into 11% of their environments.

It is time to move from visibility towards observability.

So here are some key observability myths debunked:

1️⃣ Myth: Enterprise-wide observability is too hard to accomplish

Fact: With a single source of truth for data, it allows teams to zero in on performance issues across the stack

2️⃣ Myth: AI-based observability won’t help

Fact: It helps eliminate blind spots, pinpoint root causes among trillions of dependencies and reduce noise

3️⃣ Myth: Users won’t know the difference

Fact: It can tell you exactly what the user was doing when they ran into an issue so you can quickly resolve it

4️⃣ Myth: An observability solution can’t handle multi-cloud complexity

Fact: It can handle the full scale, volume and diversity of business data across an enterprise’s cloud environments

5️⃣ Myth: AI-based observability requires too much administrative overhead

Fact: It can automatically set performance parameters derived from a past baseline of normal behavior

How could full observability benefit you?👇

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