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Cohort Analysis and Customer Behaviour Analytics Template

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📊 Cohort Analysis and Customer Behaviour Analytics Template 📊

Are you doing a good job in analyzing behavioral patterns of your clients?

Besides the user flow graph and user replay video which are the holy grail of client behavior insights, cohort analysis has become a SaaS analytics staple with various tools springing up (Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Amplitude, Kissmetrics and others).

It is a critical exercise in any SaaS business as it helps monitor client behaviors and identify trends. That in turn, helps you adapt your product or service accordingly.

Here is a cohort analysis template to help you action your clients’ behavioral patterns.

The template includes the following:

✅ A data input set 
Including joining date, last activity date, start date and months since last active

✅ A resulting dashboard
Tracking usage performance trends

Customize and use this template to monitor your clients’ behavior and then use those insights to enhance the performance of your product or service.

Want access to the full template? Leave a comment below and I’ll share it with you ASAP! 👇💬

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