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Revenue and Retention Rates Reporting Template for Executives

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Revenue and Retention Rates Reporting Template for Executives 🔥

Using an insightful set of performance indicators to steer your business is key.

Yet Bernard Marr – one of the world’s most respected voices on business data and LinkedIn’s Top 5 Business Influencers – ranked monitoring performance as one of the 10 biggest challenges businesses face today.

Regardless of the nature of your business, chances are that tracking revenues and retention rates are key indicators for you.

So to help you get started, here is a Cohort Analysis template model that will help you analyze your:

✅ Revenue by cohort

✅ Retention by segment

✅ Historical trends in retention

You might have been relying on overly simple finance indicators that just clog up the corporate reporting channels. Use this Cohort Analysis template to get started in changing that.

Want access to the template? Drop a comment below and I’ll share it with you ASAP! 👇💬

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