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The Three Pillars of an Agile Customer Experience

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The Three Pillars of an Agile Customer Experience 🦁

The recent (and ongoing) pandemic-related turmoil has forced us into at least one key behavior: agility. And that applies to business practices and technology as well.

If we define agility as the ability to adapt and move forward, how does that apply to an organization’s CX function?

The NICE Agile Customer Experience is a 100% cloud-based, scalable framework for companies that can enable adaptation through 3 key pillars:

1️⃣ Agile service
The platform’s extensibility allows agents to go anywhere and continue to operate at their best

2️⃣ Agile workforce
The platform empowers employees wherever they might be: through engagement, reward and support

3️⃣ Agile insights
The platform allows the means to sift, sort and monitor all data and information for deeper insights and better decisions

This NICE CX framework not only helps organizations ensure business continuity, but also gives them the ability to scale and adjust. Because who knows what else this year will hold?

How could your organization benefit from the NICE Agile Customer Experience framework? Let us know below! 👇

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