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How Product Teams and CTOs Can Create Customer Delight 💡

Customer satisfaction is about meeting customer expectations, customer delight is about exceeding them.
Building customer delight into your product means going above and beyond simple customer satisfaction in ways that build a long-term emotional connection and loyalty towards your company.
And customer delight matters because:
1️⃣ Delighted customers don’t leave
2️⃣ A delighted customer base is a buffer against your competition
3️⃣ Delighted customers give you useful product usage data and may be more likely to give thoughtful feedback that supercharges product-led growth
4️⃣ Customer delight turns customers into your biggest advocates
But how do you measure and improve customer delight? Understanding and improving the user experience is a great place to start. And this is where user behavior analytics and product experience tools come in handy.

And Germain UX’s UX tools are not just a software package you rent and plugin: they are configured to your company’s customer needs and strategies.

For inspiration on small or big ways to delight your customers, check out the attachment! 👇

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