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ROI Calculator

ROI Calculator

ROI Calculator and Business Case Toolkit ? Calculating the true value of an IT project can be difficult, primarily due to the challenge of quantifying notions through dollar values. For example, automating processes will undoubtedly increase efficiency, but what’s the dollar value of such output? Nevertheless, estimating a project’s value is critical in helping gain […]

Top B2B & B2C UX Design Examples

B2B & B2C UX Design

Top B2B & B2C UX Design Examples ? 33% of consumers will leave a brand they love after just one bad experience. And almost 80% of American consumers say that convenience and speed are among the most important factors to a good customer experience (according to PwC). So yes, good UX design can make or […]

The Complete UX Audit Checklist 2022

UX Audit Checklist

It’s essential to perform a UX Audit on your website from time to time. It helps improve the quality of your site by reviewing its strengths and weaknesses. Chief Information Officers often carry out this job. However you can perform the UX Audit yourself if the company is small. Either way, you’re going to need […]

7 Best Session Replay Tools

Best Session Replay Tools

How well your website works, and your visitor’s experience can make or break your business if you run your business digitally. Subsequently, your lead generation and eventually your sales can be negatively affected by bad user experiences.Almost every website owner has asked himself, are visitors enjoying using their website, store and other web applications? Do they […]

Salesforce Performance Monitoring

Salesforce Performance Monitoring

Salesforce influences the productivity of entire organizations. That is why monitoring your Salesforce performance in a timely and professional manner is imperative. With Germain’s help, your Salesforce response times and behaviors can be proactively monitored in many ways. Many enterprises depend on the mission-critical capabilities of Salesforce. One minute of downtime in your Salesforce app […]

5 Best RMM Software Tools to Use in 2022

RMM Software

As the world has shifted towards remote work in the wake of Covid-19, the need for remote management and monitoring tools has increased. Managed service providers (MSPs) use RMMs to provide off-site, automated and streamlined support to their clients for their IT needs. Having an efficient RMM can reduce workload and give MSPs a competitive edge over […]

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