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The Top 3 Data Applications to Drive Your Customer Experience (CX)

Customer Experience

Overview The data and analytics space is booming and changing how we analyze and use data across industries.According to Fortune Business Insights, the global big data analytics market is projected to grow from $271.83 billion in 2022 to $655.53 billion by 2029 (at a CAGR of 13.4%). Source: Fortune Business Insights This boom has only […]

Grow Your WooCommerce Business

WooCommerce Business

Brand loyalty might be on the decline, but ecommerce is on the rise. Ecommerce is on track to account for 24% of global retail sales by the end of 2026. Source: StatistaAnd as businesses reach growth limits in their local markets, the industry is seeing more ecommerce brands expanding onto the global stage. 76% of online shoppers have made […]

How to Improve Your Spotify Adoption

Your Spotify Adoption

The ecommerce industry is booming. While the pandemic accelerated the need for businesses to digitalize, advancements in technology and the surge in available marketplaces also helped ease buying and selling online. According to Shopify, the ecommerce industry is expected to grow by almost $11 trillion by 2025. Online stores are popping up every day – with […]

Digital Experience Management (DEM) and Your Everything You Need To Know

Digital Experience Management

The post-pandemic world is more digital. Covid-19 fundamentally impacted how we live, work, interact, and shop. And while some of the structural trends (such as the rise in remote work or shifting consumer preferences) were already underway, the pandemic accelerated them by a significant number of years. The competitive landscape is digital, and the winners […]

User Experience (UX) Design

User Experience (UX) Design

“No product is an island. A product is more than the product. It is a cohesive, integrated set of experiences. Think through all of the stages of a product or service – from initial intentions through final reflections, from first usage to help, service, and maintenance. Make them all work together seamlessly.” — Don Norman […]

Kubernetes Guide

Kubernetes Guide

Kubernetes has quickly grown in popularity, also due to its flexibility and power as a container orchestration system. It can scale virtually indefinitely, which has enabled it to provide the backbone for many of the world’s most popular online services. Plus, it is accessible and easy to set up. But, Kubernetes also comes with a […]

The Ultimate Crash Course on Microservices: The 5 Key Questions and Answers to Know in 2022

Ultimate Crash Course on Microservices

Over the past decade, organizations have reinvented themselves through digital transformation. Nowadays, this journey is well in its second chapter and gaining momentum – also driven by the explosion of app and service deployment, data and intelligence, digital reach, and post-pandemic customer expectations. And the newest cutting-edge technological trends – such as hybrid infrastructure and […]

16 Product Roadmap Templates

Product Roadmap

Product roadmap templates make it easy to structure and communicate your product plans. But when considering which template to go with, it is important to think about who the roadmap is for, what you want to communicate, and what information you want to include. So, I put together a list of 16 downloadable Excel and […]

The Ultimate UX Project Checklist

Andrea Soverini via Github

If you’re part of a design team, chances are that you have at times experienced slow-paced product development coupled with a long dev backlog (with limited space for additional tickets from the UX team). But to optimize how the product team (whether PO, UI, UX, or frontend devs) work together, it helps to experiment with […]

Three Pillars of Observability

Three Pillars of Observability

How to Move Ahead of the Three Pillars of Observability The acceleration in digitalization, also due to the pandemic, has brought an organization’s business and IT teams and strategic goals closer together than ever before. Chief Information Officers (CIOs) have existed since the early 1980s and, until recently, their typical role was primarily focused on […]

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